can you get pregnant on your period?

Most of the time, many women think they can't be pregnant if they're not having a consistent menstrual cycle. Well it bodes well that you may not be fertile if you are not seeing your period as woman , but the fact about whether can you get pregnant on your period typically relies upon why you're not seeing your period / menstruating and in case you're ovulating. Regardless of whether you're not having your regular periods or whatever, you may end up getting pregnant and should utilize contraception to forestall pregnancy unless you want to get pregnant.

Now knowing the difference already between ovulation (The release of an ovum from an ovary) and menstruation (The periodic discharging of the menses, the flow of blood and cells from the lining of the uterus in females of humans and other primates) and the reason behind lack of menstruation , How you could be pregnant, signs you may be ovulating in this article will tell weather can you get pregnant on your period or not.

The probabilities of getting pregnant in this situations vary.

Purposes behind Absence of Feminine cycle (menstruation)

Your reproductive system is very touchy and It can responds effectively to changes made in the body. Your menstruation circle can be affected or stop by Sickness, too much stress, over-exercise and again weight gain . Some of these things can also make your menstruation happen sporadically.

Again the imbalance of your hormone nature and some therapeutic conditions like polycystic ovarian disorder can make your period not to occure. When some of this factors above affects your period , they might affect your ovulation cycle also but in a very different way.

When Could Pregnant occure?

Ovulation in women with normal and regular menstruation cycle occures around two weeks before the menstruation. Pregnancy can just happen when you are ovulating (two weeks before menstruation). When ovulating, your body discharges a fertilized egg, which can take up to 12 - 24 hours to break down. Now the issue with having no menstrual cycle is that you don't know whether your body is intending to have one soon. What does this mean? Well it implies that you could be ovulating in readiness for a cycle that is going to begin, or you could be ovulating without having genuine periods. Whenever you ovulate, you can end up with pregnant.

Signs that You May ovulate

One of the least demanding approaches to know whether you are ovulating is to check your cervical bodily fluid (mucus). Your bodily fluid changes at various focuses in your cycle. It goes from dry, to thick and rich, to clear and watery, to stretchy like egg whites, at that point turns around back until it's dry. The stretchy, egg-white bodily fluid happens during ovulation. During ovulation your temperature may rise up to 1/2 to 1 degree. So you can also find out if you are ovulating by using basal body thermometer to check your temperature.

Controlling Your Cycle with Medicinal Medications

Meet a Doctor to talk about potential causes or gynecologist if you are above 16 years old of age and your are not menstrusting. They may recommend medications for any hidden medicinal conditions or put you on hormonal anti-conception medication to direct your hormones. Like I earlier mentioned above in factors that can affect your menstrual cycle, I mentioned stress, over weight, over exercise and some others so In case you're not menstrusting due to any of the factors or an enthusiastic athletic preparing plan, your menstrual cycle can be restored if you can easy the physical and mental demand on your body.

Now having known about the above, let me quickly answer some of this questions before I round up.

can you get pregnant on your period

This might be somehow complicated but I am going to answer it as Yes and No And do you know why? Well the probability of getting pregnant during your period is No. You can't get pregnant if you have sex when seeing your period because your ovulation is several days away almost 2 weeks + decreasing any chances of conceiving during this time but it dangerous as STD might be contacted.

However, there are some exceptions and that's why I earlier answered the question as Yes And No . Some women with shorter cycle has the probability of getting pregnant when they have sex during their period though the probability is very low but the possibility is there.

Now Do you know why and How? Well the sperm that can fertilize those eggs you discharge during your ovulation has the tendency to stay live on your body for about 2 to 5 days. So if your cycle is shorter maybe every 21 to 24 days , it implies that you ovulate earlier in the cycle. so if you have sex toward the end of your period, you will conceive on the 4th or 5th days later with your early ovulation.

Hope you ain't getting confuse 😕 weather can you get pregnant on your period or not? Well don't be even if you are, don't worry at the end of this post I will leave a room for you to ask me questions.


In case you're attempting to keep away from pregnancy, you should utilize security each time you engage in sexual relations, regardless of whether you consistently menstruate or not. Hormonal contraception can averts pregnancy when taken effectively. You can likewise buy preventative froth over-the-counter. In case you want to avert pregnancy up to 5 to 10 years, you can have an intrauterine gadget embedded at your specialist's office. Hormonal and intrauterine techniques don't offer security from sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms offer both pregnancy and STI assurance and are accessible without a solution though not all.

pregnancy occures during ovulation, to prevent pregnancy you can do it after your ovulation if you ain't the type of women with shorter cycle though the probability is low.

Now Do you like this? have I answered the question can you get pregnant on your period to your taste? Then don't hesitate to ask me questions via the comments section as I will be here to answer those questions and don't forget to share this article with your friends.

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