Stomach Ulcer or peptic ulcer Treatment And Causes

Stomach ulcer is very dangerous and health enemy. It can cause painfull bleeding and may kill if care is not taken. Avoid the risk factors like alcohol intake and smoking. Avoid the causes and stay healthy.

Over many years now, ulcer has been around. Earlier before now, it was thought that ulcer can be caused by plenty of stomach acid or too much stress. But nowadays many other things that can cause ulcer were postulated. Ulcer has been the reason for chronic stomach pains.

In this article we shall be looking at what ulcer is all about. causes , symptoms, treatment and the risk factors of it and finally how to avoid it.

What Is Peptic Ulcer Or Stomach Ulcer:

Peptic ulcer commonly called ulcers are the sore or injury that gets created in within the lining of the stomach or the the very first part of the small intestine known as duodenum. This implies that it can occure in the duodenum which is the upper part of small digestive system or intestine. It can also be called stomach ulcers and they are of three sorts. This include Gastric ulcers , Duodenal ulcers and finally the esophageal ulcer.

Bellow we shall look at all this types of ulcers one after the other.

  1. Gastric ulcer: this type of ulcer is usually found inside the stomach.

  2. Esophageal ulcer: This can occure in the oesophagus. That's the narrow tube that carries food from the throat down to the stomach.

  3. Duodenal ulcer: this type of ulcer happens in the duodenum . that is inside the outer layer of the small intestine.

ulcers has lots of symptoms but stomach pain is the most widely recognized
symptom it gives. The pain make the stomach worst when stomach acid comes in contact with the ulcerated part of the stomach. This pain can occure from your navel up to your breastbone. It becomes worst when you don't feed. that's when you leave the stomach empty. It can flare in the night and sometimes it will just disappear and come back in few days or weeks.

Other Symptoms Of Stomach Ulcer Or Peptic Ulcer

Aside the continuous pain and burning in the stomach. There are some other symptoms like:

  • vomiting of red or black blood.

  • Weight loss

  • sometimes it can also cause change of appetite.

  • nausea.

There are some others too but the above listed are most common. though I will be updating this post most often.

Causes Of Stomach Ulcer or Peptic Ulcer

Most ulcers happens when the amount of stomach acid is increased which can decrease the mucous layer that coated the digestive track. The work of this mucous layer is to protect the digestive tract from acid. so in a process where amount of acid is increased, it makes the mucus to decrease.

Therefore, many factors can cause Ulcer. Some factors like disease with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), unnecessary utilization of non-steroidal calming drugs (NSAIDs), drinking excessively liquor, radiation treatment, burns and physical sores. Bellow we will go into details about each of the cause one after the other.

  • A bacterium. The Helicobacter pylori bacteria are mostly found inside the mucous layer. The moucous layer which I told you earlier covers up and protects the tissues that line the stomach and the small intestine (duodenum) . H. pylori causes inflammation of the stomach's inner layer. this can lead to prodution of ulcer.

According to some medical professional, It's not clear how H. pylori spreads. But research has shown that through kissing and some other close contact can make it transferable from one person to another. Again it can be contacted through food and drinks.

    • Regular use of some certain pain killers. some prescribed pain medications like medications for osteoarthritis can inflame the lining of the stomach and the small intestine which can lead to ulcer.

There are Risk factors that can increase ulcers in your body system. Some of this risk factors are smoking and too drink of alcohol.

Stomach ulcer / Peptic Ulcer Treatment

The cause of ulcer will determine it treatment. There are some ulcers called refractory ulcer that can fail to be heal with treatment. This refractory ulcer can occure when you ain't taken the ulcer antibiotics as directed by your doctor. Some occures if you don't avoid the risk factors like regular use tabacco, the use of some certain pain reliever.

Refractory ulcer can happen as a result of over production of stomach acid. Sometimes stomach cancer can make it occure too. An infection that is not H. Pylori. Now since refractory ulcer can stand against cure, the best way to cure it permanently is to avoid or eliminate the factors that causes it.

In continuing this article I'm gonna list some drug and antibiotics that can help and final the home remedies you need to take to treat permanently. But then, Before utilizing any medication we advise you to see your doctor first for test.

  • Utilize antibiotics that can kill the H. Pylori infection if it's found in your system during test. After test your doctor might prescribe some medication that can reduce the production of stomach acid.

  • Utilize medications that block acid production. There are some medication that can block stomach acid production. This medication can help heal the ulcer faster. Some of them are omeprazole (Prilosec), lansoprazole (Prevacid), rabeprazole (Aciphex), esomeprazole (Nexium) and pantoprazole (Protonix).

  • Some medication such as antacid which can neutralize stomach acid. Though this might lead to diarrhea.

  • Cytoprotective agent can also help to protect the lining of the small intestine and the stomach.

Always contact your doctor for ulcer treatment , if you must treat your self be cautious.

Home remedies for Ulcer treatment:

Before I proceed to home remedies for stomach ulcer or peptic ulcer. Let's look at some home life style you should adopt to reduce the risk factors of ulcers.

Like I said earlier, H. Pylori bacterial is not yet clear how it's spread. So Being cautious and protecting your self from bacterials can decrease ulcer. Evidence and research has shown that H. Pylori bacterials can be transferable through close contact like kissing and also from water and food.

Live cautious lifestyle with pain relievers. There are some pain relievers that can increase the presence of ulcers. If you notice that, take your drugs with meal. Always ask your doctor for perfect doses.

Remedies To Ulcer treatment From home.

1. Honey: the honey you see, is not just sweet substance. It also contains lots of beneficial elements that are good for health. You can use honey to soothe ulcers. It has antioxidant that can inhibit H. Pylori. Utilize honey if your sugar levels are normal.

To use it, add a teaspoon of honey and lemon into warm water and drink it every morning.

2. Garlic: Garlic is capable of reducing the growth of Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori). It can heal your ulcer mostly if caused by H. Pylori and that's why it's good to go for test first before taking any medication.

there are many ways to use this garlic method for ulcer treatment. You can use it by adding to your food while cooking or like that. There is also a garlic powder which is good when added to salad. Again you can crush the garlic with coconut together and have it with meals, it is good too.

Other Home Remedies To Ulcer treatment

Aside the above, you can use cabbage, carrots , blend and mix with water to form juice to treat stomach ulcers. Cabbage has lactic acid. The lactic acid can form amino acids which is able to trigger blood circulation in the stomach lining. To use it, drink the juice every morning before meals.

You can also use banana. By eating at least two pills of ripe bananas each day. Coconut milk and coconut water are good too. They can maintain the stomach pH. And not only that. They also have anti-ulcer properties that can kill off some bacterials that causes ulcer.


you must be cautious and don't expect this remedies to work for you in a single day. give it at least a week to see the effects. make sure you take this remedies twice each day for proper effects.

Do you have questions about ulcer treatment? Ask me via the comments box for answers.

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