Malaria treatment and home remedies

Knowing the cause of malaria, how it works and spread will of no doubt help you stay healthy against malaria.

Malaria sound so simple but very deadly. Severe malaria can kill if not treated especially pregnant women. Malaria isn't anyone's friend.

I always try all my best to make sure that all my articles are  very simple and friendly so you could understand it better. So today I'm going to talk about malaria treatment and home remedies that can help you to stay healthy and away from malaria.

Not too long I have talked about the top hygiene tips for women and also on the men side I also talked about Reasons why you should avoid masturbation and also the numerous side effects of masturbation . Today I'm gonna talk about malaria treatment for both genders (man and woman) because malaria can happen to anybody.

What is malaria?

Before I go further , I d like us to know more and what Malaria is all about.  Malaria in the first place  is a parasite and blood illness caused by the bite from an infected Mosquitoes. The common mosquito that carries around this parasite is called Anopheles mosquito. Which is a female mosquito.

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Now how does it work or go round? Well This anopheles mosquito get infected when they bite or suck an infected person or a sufferer. Once they are infected, when ever they bite someone else  the person become infected too and that's how it is transmitted through blood sucking or bite from mosquitoes. It is not that too common in template tropical.

Symptoms of malaria

  • shaking chills that can range from moderate to severe
  • high fever
  • profuse sweating
  • headache
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • abdominal pain
  • diarrhea
  • anemia
  • muscle pain
  • convulsions
  • coma
  • bloody stools and finally loose of appetite and others which may lead to other dangerous illnesses.

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Causes of malaria

there are many things that can cause malaria. example is too much stress. But the most known fact about malaria is that. It is caused by a parasite that got transmitted from an infected mosquito bite.

How to treat malaria.

There are many ways to treat malaria. But the type of treatment to adopt will varies depending on the type of malaria parasite your are suffering from, your condition mostly for females, weather pregnant or not. Again the type of symptoms you have and finally your age which matters alot.

Bellow I am going to list some drugs which kill malaria in your body system. But don't take at your own risk if you don't know what you are doing. Always meet your doctor.

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Some drugs to treat malaria are:

  • Chloroquine (Aralen)
  • Quinine sulfate (Qualaquin)
  • Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil)
  • Mefloquine
  • Combination of atovaquone and proguanil (Malarone)

Home Remedies To prevent malaria

Here are some home remedies you should consider in order to stay free from malaria.

Having said that, since you ve known things that cause malaria, avoiding is one of the best tips to take. Now we be already known that the most cause of malaria is mosquitoes. Now how do mosquito comes about, how do the breed and can you get ride of them?

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To avoid malaria, avoid mosquito bites. Do away with dirty water around your environment , cut bushes and keep the environment clean. Always sleep inside mosquito net to avoid mosquito bite. The poor your hygiene level the higher the possibility of illness you may experience. Maintain high level of personal hygiene today and stay healthy.

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