Basic Home Remedies To Treat Sore Throat

Sore throat in the first place is any inflammation of the pharynx that causes soreness or irritation of the throat. Sore throat can make one feel uncomfortable and sometimes it can deny you a night sleep. It's not a big diseases that demands doctors attention but in any situation where it last more than two weeks, then I personally advice you to call for doctor. It can be symptoms of some other serious sickness like HIV/AIDS.

in this article we gonna look at some home remedies you need to apply for the treatment of sore throat. Many people have proven this home remedies for treatments of sore throat to be effective even me my self. So I'm sure it will work for you too.

Basic Home remedies to treat sore throat

1. Salty Warm Water: this work for me personally. It helps to keep the throat soft and reduce the pain. To do this, just warm water for some minutes then mix a glass of it with a half tea spoon of salt. Take note that the water shouldn't be hot but just warm. Hot water water may cause more problems and do not over do it. Do not drink the salty water. Just use it to wash your mouth and throat then pour out.

2. Honey: Honey is very effective in healing wounds. You can take it alone or mix it with tea to speed the healing of sore throat. I often use honey than salty water, though both are very effective. It will help to soften the throat which will reduce the pain

3. Garlic: Garlic contains natural antibiotics properties which help to fight infections and can also help to calm sore throat. You can chew it raw or add it's supplements to your diet and see the effectiveness.

These three aren't just the home remedies. There are many other home remedies like  using Peppermint and also taken Chamomile tea etc. But this three which I mentioned above are the basic home remedies which worked for me so far. 

How to prevent sore throat

Smoking and alcohol intake can cause sore throat, avoid anything alcohol or smoking. Try as much as possible to avoid spicy and acidic foods and stay away from people that are suffering cold flu and strep throat. Wash your hands frequently to avoid infections that can cause sore throat.

Thanks for stopping by,  in my next article tomorrow I'm going to share with you some food advisable for people who sore throat

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